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"Homemade Pickles, Relishes, Jellies and Jams"
"Homemade Braided/Button hooked Indian Rugs"

Home made Pickles, Relishes, Jellies and Jams braided Indian rugs Home made Pickles, Relishes, Jellies and Jams Home made Pickles, Relishes, Jellies and Jams braided American Indian rugs Native american braided/button hooked rugs

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Mom Prue,s Home Cooking is a site where you can purchase real homemade Pickles, Homemade Relishes, homemade Jellies and homemade Jams. Mom Also makes old time braided Indian rugs..CHECK THEM OUT !!.

Mom Prue's Home Cooking has been in business for over 10 years. They cater to the local stores, restuarants, and people who visit their area in Northern VT. in the summer. Besides making homemade pickles, relishes, jellies and jams, they also make homemade breads, cakes and pies on request.

Check out Mom Prue's homemade Pickles, Relishes, Jams and Jellies.

Check out Mom Prue's homemade Native American braided rugs.

To order :


1. Send Check to: Mom Prue,s Home Cooking, RFD #1, Irasburge, VT. 05845
2. Send E-mail to Mom Prue's Home Cooking to request information on credit card orders or for information.
Leave Telephone Number and someone will call you back.

3. Send order via fax Call 508-683-9692. Include credit card number and exp. date.

4. Call order in over phone. Call 802-754-8827

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