"Aqua Marine"

Homemade Braided/button hooked Native American Rugs.

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Mom Prue's homemade braided/button hooked Native American rugs are approximately 33" inches in diameter and are made of a multiple of colors. These Native American Braided/button hooked rugs are great for boats and RV's. They are machine washable and won't shrink.

Price per rug is $39.95 add $6.00 for S&H.

To order :


1. Send Check to: Mom Prue's Braided Native American Rugs, RFD #1, Irasburge, VT. 05845
2. Send E-mail to Mom Prue's Braided Native American rugs to request information on credit card orders or for information.
Leave Telephone Number and someone will call you back.

3. Send order via fax Call 508-683-9692. Include credit card number and exp. date.

4. Call order in over phone. Call 802-754-8827

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